Chocolate Production Team Manager

San Francisco, California, United States · Production - Valencia St.


About Us

Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory in San Francisco’s Mission District. We make chocolate from only two ingredients, cocoa beans and cane sugar, and travel to origins as often as we can to build good, trusting relationships with the producers who grow and ferment the beans we buy. We strive to make some of the best chocolate in the world, and now we’re looking for a Production Manager to lead that effort alongside our amazing production team at our flagship location.

About the Job

While there’s no such thing as a typical day, you usually start your morning by meeting with your Lead Chocolate Makers to talk about the production goals and daily schedule. After the team huddle, you meet with a chocolate maker for your weekly 1-1. They’ve expressed interest in leading a safety initiative so you tweak schedules to ensure that they can attend the bi-weekly company safety meetings. Just as you’re due to start a meeting with the Flavor Manager, the tempering machine stops working. With a text to reschedule, you drop everything to focus all of your attention on fixing the machine. The next hour has you delegating troubleshooting tasks to the team, making multiple phone calls to the Production Mechanic, a minor chocolate spill, and finally, a fixed machine. After lunch, you plan out the newest team member’s training schedule and send a status update on an ongoing R&D project. You finish the day by meeting with the Head of Production, where you outline your plans for developing your team, the most recent improvements on the flavor and production process, and a new quality assurance system you helped build with the Quality manager.

We are constantly testing to improve our process/flavor, developing our teams, and welcoming visitors into our open factory/cafe. You will supervise and plan production operations, and manage the team of chocolate makers. You’ll be reporting to the Head of Production and working closely with other managers (Packaging, Flavor, Quality, Alabama Production). You’ll be responsible for planning and executing our chocolate production to meet the highest quality standards. One of the most important aspects of this role will be eventually transitioning the team and space from production goal focused to production with an emphasis on education (training other chocolate makers), limited runs, and learning all there is to know about the nuances of small batch chocolate making.

About You

You are always planning ahead to anticipate the needs of your team and what they will need to hit the chocolate making goals. When speed bumps come along you roll with it: the power is out -- candlelit chocolate making, go! You’re known for your positive, team-oriented, can-do attitude and leadership. People seek you out as someone who is able to listen and help problem solve in any situation. Your commitment to quality is obvious through the processes you’ve designed to ensure your team is making products you can stand behind. You are excited to work closely with a tight knit team and make strong relationships with the managers across the entire organization. You’ll be measured by your ability to maintain a successful team, hit goals, deadlines, and flavor/quality metrics as well as successfully transition the focus of the team and the space in the future. While we understand that life is unpredictable, we are prioritizing candidates who have the visibility to commit to this role for at least a year and are excited to pursue a long-term career in Production Management.




Dandelion Chocolate constantly invests in its people and culture. We offer excellent perks including paid vacation and sick days, subsidized medical, dental, and vision benefits as well as the option to enroll in our 401k program. Our team members also enjoy commuter benefits, local gym discounts, and lots of chocolate tasting opportunities!

How to Apply

Dandelion is growing and we are invested in employees who take ownership over their role and are interested in contributing in a bigger way with us. You will stand out from the crowd if your resume is accompanied by a cover letter with a few sentences describing the best team you’ve worked with and why it worked so well.

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